Ahmed Umar Obi (Young-G Obi) Director of Media Productions

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The OCI Foundation’s Director of Media Productions, Mr Ahmed Umar Obi, popularly called Young-G Obi, is a Nollywood Movie Director, Presenter, Special Effect Editor and Core Editor. He is also an electronic media production expert with over a decade and half of experiences.


Currently Based in Delta State, Nigeria, Young-G is a talented movie director who pays special attention to artistic details and blockings, giving nothing but the best in his job. He has a special interest in projects that have societal values and social relevance, hence his agreeing to work with the OCI Foundation came as no surprise to those who know him.


As a Film maker, he has directed lots of movies, documentaries, music video and reality TV shows. Some of these include the Price for Immortality, Squad 24, Nora the Church Girl, Maya the Seeker, Ojike, The Little Prince, The Blood of Cherish, The Embedded, Jaja is Alive, Hawk, The Priestess, 28 Days in Delta, and so on.


Young-G started his career as a musician, and, in 1998, met some friends who facilitated his switch to Nollywood.  He has worked as an art director for some notable directors like Obed Joe, Adim Williams, and many others. He has also worked in Ghana and South Africa.


Mr Obi loves music, writing, travelling and adventures, and is a graduate of Science laboratory technology (S.L.T) from the Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State. He also holds a Diploma Certificate in Video Editing, as well as a Diploma in Film Directing.


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