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Brief Profile of OCI (December, 2020)

Of Nigerian origin, Dr. Onyebuchi Chris Ifediora (MBBS, MPH, FRACGP, HMS-SEAL) is an Associate Professor of Medicine based in Australia. He obtained his primary medical degree from the Nnamdi Azikiwe University Medical School, Nigeria, and later added to it a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Liverpool, United Kingdom.


As at August 2021, he has received over a dozen national and international awards, including those from from Rotary International,  the World Peace Advocates (an affiliate of the UN), the Nigerian Bar Association, the Nigerian Independent Media Practitioners and the Association of Global Youths. Details of these, and his more than a dozen awards, are available HERE.


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He is an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”, an international recognition from the “International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA)”. IAWPA is a global NGO affiliated with the United Nations Global Compact, a body established in 2000 by the United Nations under its former Secretary-General, Kofi Anan.


He is a Harvard-certified healthcare leader, and holds an Associate Alumunus status with the prestigious Harvard Medical School, Boston, United States of America. His times at Harvard can be watched HERE.


Currently, he is a practising Family Physician, as well as a Medical Educator, Examiner and Supervisor for General Practice Registrars with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

In August 2017, Dr. Ifediora was elected as a Faculty Board Member of the RACGP, Queensland, Australia.

As an Associate Professor, he also contributes to the teaching of medical students at the Griffith University School of Medicine, Gold Coast, Australia.

His research publications have contributed immensely to healthcare and policy developments in both Nigeria and Australia, and these frequently throw him into the limelight. As such, he has been interviewed multiple times on Australian televisions and radios (see recordings below), while multiple print media in both Nigeria (click HERE) and Australia (HEREHEREHEREHERE, and HERE), write about his work.

APAC Network interviews Chris Ifediora on anti-cancer law in Nigeria.

Australian TV News Report/Interview

Australian Radio Interview

During his primary, secondary and university education, all of which took place in Nigeria, Dr. Chris saw first-hand the dangers of poorly funded education and ill health, and how these can limit the potentials of otherwise gifted students and individuals. 


Having overcome these obstacles himself, he swore that, whenever he can, he would do all within his powers to ensure that those coming after him would not have their dreams cut short by these same impostors. Over the years, therefore, Dr. Chris has nurtured the burning desire to give back to the society, in the firm belief that, as he strives to rise to greater heights in life, he would do so while lifting others.


The foregoing is the dream that birthed the Onyebuchi Chris Ifediora (OCI) Foundation.

Full length interview of Dr Chris Ifediora discussing the OCI Foundation's signature healthcare project on breast and cervical cancers

Clarion Call To Action

Dr. Chris is aware that the Nigerian economy and health system are not yet where they should be. For this reason, the dangers he faced as a young scholar still remain real threats to upcoming brilliant youngsters and scholars, as well as old, young, and even unborn Nigerians.

Through the OCI Foundation, he has made his first move towards creating a better society than the one he met, struggled against, and managed to conquer.

As his dreams crystallise to reality through this Foundation, Dr. Ifediora is optimistic enough to believe that dreams, backed with the necessary actions and sacrifices, can, and will always change the world. He is also realistic enough to acknowledge that the tasks ahead are enormous, and that the challenges of turning his dreams into sustainable realities go beyond the mere dreams and actions of one man.


For the above reasons, the OCI foundation will constantly seek to partner with all men and women of goodwill, as well as those that nurture similar dreams as O.C.I. himself (as the Founder is fondly called). All Governmental and Non-governmental organisations, as well as private and public establishments, and volunteers, are welcomed to partner with us as we work towards a better society.


The OCI Foundation has started with a primary focus on the Anambra East Local Government in Anambra State of Nigeria, where the founder hail from, and thousands of lives are already being impacted upon yearly (directly and indirectly). With time, however, it is hoped that the Foundation will reach out to more beneficiaries across the entire State of Anambra, and then to the entire States in Nigeria, as well as the African Continent, cutting across all gender, age, ethnic, social and religious backgrounds.


The foregoing narratives represent our dream. 
They represent our mission.
They represent our vision.
They represent our passion.  
We pledge to carry out these duties to the best of our abilities, at each time using all the resources available to us.

So help us God.
. . . we rise, by lifting others.

OCI Profile (Dec 2020)

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