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Scholarship Application Countdown

The OCI Foundation offers SIX SETS OF SCHOLARSHIPS. These are:

1. The Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarships (CUS) for undergraduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions from Anambra East Local Government Area of Anambra State. To Apply, go to this PAGE.

2. The Annual JAMB Awards for post secondary school students wishing to take the entrance

3. The IFOMSSA Senior Awards for final year students of senior secondary schools.

4. The IFOMSSA Junior Awards for final year students in junior secondary schools.

5. The Cyfed-Bradley Hope (CBH) Undergraduate Scholarship for undergraduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions from the entire Anambra State of Nigeria. To Apply, go to this PAGE.

6. The annual Literary Award for Medical Students (LAMS)which encourages the development of literary skills among medical undergraduates in Nigeria.

The highlighted links above will take you to the respective pages of the various scholarships. This current page, however, focuses more on the Cyfed Undergraduate scholarships. Annual Cyfed Scholarships will be available to eligible undergraduate students (see the Scholarship FAQs for details). The targets are brilliant but indigent scholars, with an interview to follow the shortlisting of initially successful candidates.

Applications will usually be invited from suitable candidates within the first half of every year (starting from 2017), with the beneficiaries being announced around the last quarter of that same year.

The winners, to be called Cyfed Scholars, will continue to enjoy the same amount annually for the stipulated duration of their undergraduate programmes, subject to academic and character performances.

Please note that this scholarship scheme is completely free to all applicants. There will be no costs incurred at any stage throughout the application process, the interviews, or the award itself.

It will also remain free to all recipients throughout the entire duration of their entire programs.

The OCI Foundation does not accept applications submitted by third parties, and no authorized representative or agent has been (or will be) appointed on behalf of the Foundation. Please, do not pay anything to anybody regarding the Cyfed Scholarships.


Please check the Eligibility Requirements before applying.


Scholarship Application Countdown


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