Bradley John Hope (2003 to 2019)

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Bradley John Hope was born on the 18th day of July, 2003 in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia. Tweed Heads lies on the border between the Australian States of New South Wales and Queensland, and is surrounded by beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, and scenic mountain ranges.


As a child Brad was fascinated with the world’s wonders and its creatures. As a baby he adored toy dinosaurs, and, as he grew, he cherished his pet lizards. Among his favourite activities were visits to the zoo, as he had a profound connection with animals and wildlife.


Brad’s hero was the famous rap artist Tupac Shakur. Brad spent hours each day listening to his lyrics and developed a passion for human rights and equality.

From an early age Brad’s discoveries nurtured his understanding of life, and he developed this as he grew. As a young man, Brad’s nature became one of curiosity, kindness and understanding. His favourite pass time was diving. The waters of the Tweed River were like a second home for him.


Brad’s personality was of a kind disposition; his smile was infectious; his presence was always calm; he was very humble and his loyalty to his many friends and family was undeniable. He had an irrefutable ease for life. He cared deeply for his friends and family, and would stand up for anyone he loved. He gave everything a go. He was generous beyond belief and would share again, even though he would already have missed his turn.

Sadly, Bradley J. Hope was taken from this world on the 8th day of December, 2019. He was only 16, and had just completed his Year 10 Certificate in Australia, and was about to embark on his senior studies.


His Father, Mr Troy Hope, decided on behalf of the Hope Family, to perpetuate Brad’s memory by upholding the very principles he espoused in his short life: his kindness, generosity, standing up for others, and sharing the little he has. Through the Cyfed-Bradley Hope (CBH) Undergraduate Scholarship Awards, the Troy Family will give yearly scholarships to first year undergraduate students in Nigerian tertiary institutions who are indigenes of Anambra State of Nigeria. Recipients of the Award will have the opportunity to renew it annually until their graduation, subject to academic performances and good character.


The Hope Family started by making a small but significant donation to the OCI Foundation on December 27th, 2019, less than 3 weeks after Brad’s passing. Applications for this Scholarship will commence with the OCI Foundation’s already-existing annual Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarships, which starts on February the 22nd and end on April the 26th, every year.

Bradley John Hope, from wherever he is, would surely be experiencing great joy from touching the lives of others, including youngsters that he never met, from a country he never traveled to. He would be pleased to be lifting the lives of those who were not as economically privileged as he was, and give them a chance to experience the life he enjoyed, but did not have the privilege to live for too long.


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