Poem 3: “A Selfless World” . . . by OCI

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"A Selfless World" - Video/Audio


The basic instinct of humans is primarily geared towards self-betterment;

Children, in their angelic innocence, espouse this trait well;

No doubt, the primary drive in life is to be happy, or successful, or attain greater heights;

People have argued that behind every human endeavour, lie a facade of selfishness;

Well, be it true or false, we can all rise above these supposed primordial selfish instincts;

And create A Selfless World.

Why should our self-satisfaction arise from seeing other humans fail or suffer?

Why should our self-satisfaction not arise from seeing others happy and successful?

Why do we have to rise to the top, by threading on the heads of our fellow humans?

Why should we ride on the crests of others misfortunes?

Why can we not rise to the top by pulling others along?

So that we can create A Selfless World.

For all of human selfish inclinations, we can create selfless reinforcements;

Business executives, whose main prospects are to maximise profits . . ., can make assisting the less privileged a major priority;

Doctors, who study to create good lives for themselves and their families . . ., can make saving lives their major priority;

Politicians, who go into politics to achieve fame and power . . ., can make serving humanity their major priority;

Scientists, who set out to primarily satisfy their personal curiosities .  .  .,  can make inventions their major priority;

Powerful Nations, which have achieved greatness and success . . ., can make protecting and assisting the weak and unsuccessful nations their major priority;

The rich and wealthy individuals in the society . . ., can make helping the poor and down-trodden their major priority;

By doing these, anyone, anywhere, can help create A Selfless World.

Yes, we can all render help, and we can all be philanthropists;

We do not have to be the most successful, or the strongest, or the richest;

Just lend a helping hand to that person below you, who is less successful, or less strong, or less rich;

There is immense joy in lifting someone, who have no way to pay you back;

Let us all find and experience this joy;

For by so doing, we will create A Selfless World.


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