Poem 2: “Right On Course” . . . by OCI

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"RIGHT ON COURSE" - Video/Audio


Being “reflections” from Dr. Chris Ifediora, issued to all his friends on the occasion of his departure from NAUTH (Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, Nnewi, Nigeria) to LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria) for Housemanship/Internship

Big thanks to God Almighty for making my dream real, for placing me on course, and for setting me on the dream road.
I can see the destination, and I know what the end will be like.

It’s an uncertain road, though: Supposedly rough and tough, littered with deep potholes and high bumps, and has very many unpredictable twists.

Yes, I admit I’m a little apprehensive of the vast and uncertain future ahead. But I’m ready to brace the odds . . . confident I’ll beat them. I’ll courageously take the pains, and afterwards, proudly grab the gains.

I know, like the “ups” I strive for, the “downs” are somewhat inevitable.

But I pray that “the downs”, if they come, will not be so low that I will never get up. And that the “ups”, whey they arrive, should take me so high, that I will never fall again.

In my sojourn, I leave behind my home, loved ones, admirers, friends, and regrettably, foes.

No doubt, I’ll find new ones.

My mistakes and shortfalls, real or imagined, I’ll strive to improve upon.
My virtues, I’ll do my best to perfect

Always to be guided by my life’s motto: striving towards perfection, and doing my best always”.

Whatever the future holds for me, good or bad, I’ll take.

My life’s ambition, high though it seems, must be realised.
Chances there are, though, these may never be.

But right now, the joy is in knowing that I am very much on course.
And that despite all odds, the dreams are intact, and, backed with a will-power strong enough to drive them home to reality, will surely come to be.

Please tell my loved ones and friends to keep praying for me.
That come what may, I’ll never forget them.

Tell my admirers to wish me luck.

And to those who insist on being my foes, to just watch, and not cry much.

Things are strictly between myself and my God . . . To whom all the glory will be . . .

. . . for putting me right on course.


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