Our Vision

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The OCI Foundation’s Vision is to have a society where every scholar can achieve his/her best academic potential irrespective of his financial background, while every individual is able to access the best healthcare possible, not minding his/her socio-economic background.


Through our empowerment and charity programmes, it is also hoped that our beneficiaries will get equipped with the resources, skills and tools that will enable them to surmount major obstacles in their paths to success.


Our programmes are designed to breach both perceived and real inequalities (academic, health or other constraints) that generally impede the attainment of successes by our people, particularly the less privileged.


We believe that unlocking the potentials in our targeted beneficiaries, through our focused and well-tailored activities, will help to further solidify the foundations to limitless socio-economic growths in our societies.


The ultimate, long-term vision is to contribute our little quota in all aspects of local, national, continental and global development and leadership.


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