Scholarship Application Guidelines

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Scholarship Application Countdown

Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship Application Guidelines

To be considered for the Cyfed Scholarships, eligible applicants must comply with the following:


(A). Firstly, complete and submit an online application.


(B). In addition to (A) above, first-time applicants must also:

  • Provide a valid Government-issued identity (ID) document (e.g. an International Travel Passport, a Voter’s Card, a National Identity Card or a Driver’s License). Applicants who are below the age of 18 years and are unable to apply for a government ID can submit a birth certificate.
  • Provide an official letter ( original, not photocopied) from your school (Head of Department) stating the following: Your full nameGenderMatriculation number(Newly matriculated scholars who have not yet received a matriculation number or school ID must provide a  provisional admission letter from their institution of study), Course Title and Level, Department of Study.
  • A 500-word essay, about “My family”.
  • Also, attach the following documents (all certified by a qualified lawyer). Note that the originals must be presented by successful applicants during the interviews:
    1. JAMB/UME result certificate
    2. Senior Secondary School Exam Certificate (WASSCE and/or NECO)
    3. A valid student ID from your host institution
    4. A recent (within 6 months) passport-sized photograph
    5. A letter of recognition from the traditional ruler of your town, confirming your town of origin.


(C). In addition to (A) above, renewing applicants must also:

  • Provide an official letter from your school (Head of Department) stating the following: Your full name, Gender, Matriculation number, Course Title and Level, Department of Study, and your Cumulative Grade point Average (CGPA) for the years completed.


  • An official statement of your result for the completed year(s).
  • If applicable, a letter stating any change(s) in your circumstances (change in department, withdrawal from school, and so on).


All the supporting documentation and essay listed above as an email attachment (with your names and date of birth) to [email protected].


Note that no application will be processed until full documentations have been received and verified.


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