Poem 1: “When Things Have to go Wrong” . . . by OCI

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"When things have to go wrong" - Video/Audio


It just happens

When, despite doing everything right, despite taking seemingly the right decisions . . .,

Making adequate plans and excellently executing them . . . things still go wrong

When, despite fervent prayers and fastings, God just didn’t hear you, or maybe heard . . .,  and chose to ignore.

Perhaps because your sins are simply too many that you have to pay

Or that you didn’t work hard enough

Or just that it was fated to be

Or that maybe it wasn’t the right time

Or that it just had to happen for a reason we mortals are not meant to know . . .

And your world comes crumbling down . . All you’ve laboured for, taken time to build, and worked so hard for;

It just happens

When events seem to defy all forms of sound logic and explanations

And our best appear miles from being good enough

When results fail to reflect the hard works, and output is far below input

When you wonder what you were supposed to learn from such disappointments, not seeing any. . , at least not immediately

When you actually pray to see God, just to ask Him “why”?

When you almost decide to give up your quest to excel, and drop your big dreams

When nightmares become reality

When many unanswered questions fill your lips, and unproven theories sprout in your mind, all in attempts to search for explanations . . Some right, others obviously wrong, but never sure which is what;

It just happens

When those who love us, those who admire us, and those who believe in us look in utter disbelief and disappointment and ask, “What went wrong”?

When we urge our loved ones to understand, not sure we even understood things ourselves

When mortals like us, who decide our fate, issue apparently irrational judgements on us, perhaps to actualize that which was meant to be

When supposedly less gifted men succeed in areas we fail

It just happens

All men, great or small, experience it . . . at least once in their lifetime

But only the great ones understand it as an inevitable part of life, necessary perhaps as life itself. . , needed to push us through to greater heights

A constant reminder that we can influence little in our lives as mortals, and that fate ratifies all our struggles and prospects

And that only God knows best

It just happens

But we have to shelve the disappointments and move ahead, believing in ourselves and our minds

And depending on our dreams and taking bold steps (and damning the risks) to actualize them

For in the mind lies the power of a man to rise again . . . always. .  after disappointing and painful failures

For only the mind can make a man perceive the light at the end of a dark tunnel, and the silver lining around a dark cloud

For only your mind can convince you that whatever happens, you must never give up . . ., and will always conquer

Knowing that you will cross the stream . . ., only when the time is right

Please always remember all these . . . 



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