Poem 8: “Never Ever” by OCI

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"Never Ever" - Audio/Video


{By Onyebuchi Chris Ifediora, OCI; 2020}

This is a poem dedicated to all those who need help, or those who expect help, or those who receive help

● Never ever attempt to pull down or suppress those who help you rise, as those who lift you today, may need to be lifted tomorrow;


● Never ever bite the fingers that feed you, as those who feed you today, may feed you again tomorrow;


● Never ever abandon those that have walked the distance with you, as those who walk with you today, may be on some lonely paths tomorrow;


● Never ever ignore those who keep you company in times of need, as those who stand by you today, may need your company tomorrow;


● Never ever lie against those who have been truthful to you, as those who risk all to tell the truth for you, may need your truth to be free tomorrow;


● Never ever forget those who feed you, as those who fed you today, may be hungry tomorrow;


● Never ever betray those who have been loyal to you, for those who are loyal and stand by you today, may need your loyalty tomorrow;


● Never ever make enemies of those who helped you attain successes, for you may need them to sustain that success tomorrow;


● Never ever brand those who lifted you to success as being “jealous” of those same successes, when you achieve them. They wanted you to be successful, before rendering that help.



Keep these in mind, ladies and gentlemen. And, in addition, please remember the following:


. . . When you receive help, strive to stand on your feet quickly:

●  Helpers, too, get fatigued;
● Helpers, too, may have others to help;
● Helpers, too, may have their own problems as well;


. . . The level of help you receive from people, today, may not always be the same, tomorrow:

● Learn to take “no” from the same people who said “yes” yesterday;
● And still value them the same. And still appreciate them, the same;


. . . When you get to the top, there will be temptations to look down on some of those who helped you get there:

● Never, ever, succumb to this;
● Just remain loyal to anyone that helps you, no matter how little;
● Never, ever, betray them;
● Never, ever, lie against them;
● And never, ever forget them.


OCI . . . 2020


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