Full Story, Pics & Videos: OCI Foundation’s President becomes an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”, as he bags his first international award (by IAWPA; May 13th, 2021)

Full Story, Pics & Videos: OCI Foundation’s President becomes an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”, as he bags his first international award (by IAWPA; May 13th, 2021)

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The OCI Foundation’s Founder and President, Assoc. Prof. Chris Ifediora, has accepted his nomination as an Eminent Peace Ambassador”. The conferment, which came as part of the “2021 Abuja Leadership Summit and Celebration of the United Nations Development Day and UN at 76”, was organised by the International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA), a global NGO affiliated with the United Nations Global Compact. The UN Global Compact is a body established in 2000 by the United Nations under its former Secretary General, Kofi AnanIAWPA aims to promote global peace and harmony.

The Award . . .

Watch: OCI Foundation's President, Dr Ifediora, announced as an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”

The official ID Card, as the OCI Foundation's President becomes an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”

In the letter of appointment to the Dr Ifediora, dated 29th March, 2021, IAWPA stated that “the International Council of our association in the United States, Denmark, and our regional office in Nigeria have been notified, and acceptance made on your nomination, for the award of “Eminent Peace Ambassador for the Year 2021”.

The “Eminent Peace Ambassador Award” is the highest calling and most outstanding recognition to individuals whose life exemplify the ideals of living for the sake of others,  and who dedicate themselves to promote universal moral values and the establishment of a cultural value system predicated on trust and peace.

With this appointment, Dr Chris Ifediora has joined the league of prominent Global Citizens on the category of Global Diplomat with outstanding prestigious status. George Weah, the current President of Liberia, is a past recipient of this Award.

At the award presentation ceremony, held in Abuja, Nigeria, Dr Ifediora was represented by the OCI Foundation’s National Champion, Rev Dr Austin EPUNAM, who is also the Founder and President of Sweet Home African Foundation, a Nigerian-based NGO. Rev Epunam was accompanied by nine other members and associates of the OCI Foundation, including Eunice Bosua, the CEO of Excellent Leadership, another Nigerian-based NGO and a partner of the OCI Foundation.

Entitlements to this position include

  1. Provision of a Chartered Membership Certificate of Award;
  2. Provision of UN-V International ID Card for trips within Nigeria and Overseas;
  3. Provision of Registered ECOWAS passport;
  4. Provision of an International Driving License;
  5. Provision of Car plate Number on a special request with special Number attachment;
  6. Recommendation to other international Organizations;
  7. Recommendation of (if any) your NGO, school, Church, Mosque, Palace Chiefs, CBO, and FBO to foreign association for partnerships;
  8. Provision of support services to any of your establishment when needed;
  9. Recommendation of your personality to the Government of Nigeria for conferment of a National Honour;
  10. Recommendation of your participation in various International Conferences and connecting you to United Nations;
  11. Participation for conflict resolution anywhere in the world;
  12. Co-hoisting and presentation of Nigeria and UN flags.

The OCI Foundation is very grateful to the management of IAWPA, for deeming if fit for this year’s award, which is her eleventh award in the past nine months. Details of all the awards are available HERE.

VIDEO: Citation of Dr Chris Ifediora, as he becomes an “Eminent Peace Ambassador”

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