Mr (Alhaji) Abdullahi A. Rufai, Networking Manager and Permanent NYSC Liaison Officer, OCI Foundation.

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Networking Manager and Permanent NYSC Liaison Officer, OCI Foundation


Mr (Alhaji) Abdullahi Aliyu Rufai is the OCI Foundation’s Networking Manager, and is attached to the Foundation’s Advocacy Team in Abuja, Nigeria. He is also the Foundation’s Permanent Liaison Officer with the Nigeria’s National Youths Service Corps (NYSC).


He obtained his primary bachelor’s degree in Polymer Sciences and Technology from the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria, and has enviable experiences in multiple fields that have enabled him contribute immensely to the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDG) in Nigeria.

He has also worked with transnational organisations like UNICEF and Saudi Business Machines Ltd in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, among a host of others. He has held positions in organisations within and outside Nigeria as a Consultant, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Data Analyst and Data Administrator.

Video: Mr Abdullahi leads an OCI Foundation's delegation...

Mr Abdullahi’s humanitarian tendencies go beyond his involvement with the OCI Foundation, as he uses his skills to serve his community at every opportunity that presents himself. He has led, and continues to lead, the OCI Foundation on some key outings within Nigeria, and the video clip above attests to that.


He is intelligent, co-ordinated, innovative and reliable young man, and the OCI Foundation is very pleased to have him within its ranks.


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