Appreciation and Testimonials from Graduating Cyfed Scholars

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CYFED SCHOLARS are recipients of one of the two OCI Foundation’s Undergraduate Scholarships (the CUS and CBS), which sees them through to their graduation from any tertiary institution in Nigeria. Cyfed scholarships were first awarded in 2017.

As of December 2023, at least 11 Cyfed Scholars have graduated, with the first being in 2020. Below are videos, texts and screenshots of appreciation messages from some of these scholars to the OCI Foundation.

1 of 9: Lazarus Akwaeze (December 2023); 1st Ever Cyfed Scholar to Graduate (THEOLOGY) back in 2020
2 of 9: Miss Victoria OKONKWO (Computer Engineering, August 2022)

“Allow me to express my special “thank you” from my heart to you as an individual person.

“You supported me until the end.

“Thank you sir for your kindness and being part of my story.

“Thank you for being part of my career. I can never repay the effort you did for me.

“I pray that almighty God will answer all your prayers greatly and in everything that you do.

“May You express the love that God have for his children and for the world.

“God bless you richly sir”.

Victoria OKONKWO (Engineer); August 2022.

3 of 9: Dr Kingsley ANIEROBI (Medicine and Surgery, August 2023)

Official Appreciation letter💘 (August 13, 2023)


First, I will like to acknowledge the power of the Almighty God and thank him immensely for the gift of life, good health, knowledge and fulfillment of this vision.


To Prof. Dr. Chris Ifediora, I write to express my profound gratitude to you sir. I was almost about giving up but OCI foundation came through for me. As you came through for me, the Same way God will always come through for your family, May His blessings remain inexorable in your life. 🙏🙏 Amen.


On behalf of my family, especially my mother, Mrs Nwabugo Anekwe Anierobi, I want to say a very big thank you for the role you played in making me a Doctor. It has been my childhood dream and today it’s a reality.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️💃💃💃. God bless you sir. On 11th August our 5th mbbs exam result came and I passed. 💃💃🙏🙏



(Recipient, 2020 Cyfed Bradley Hope Scholarship)

2020 Video from Dr Anierobi

4 and 5 of 9: Naomi Oforjama and Chidimma Ilobi (Laboratory Science, November 2023)
6 of 9: Mr Chisom Madubuko (Biochemistry, December 20, 2023)
7 of 9: Miss Anthonia Udenze (Accountancy, December 20, 2023)
8 of 9: Miss Chinyere Nwachukwu (December 20, 2023)
9 of 9: Miss Stella AKPEH (December 20, 2023)

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