FAQs and Troubleshooting for ArOY Online Courses

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1. How do I commence the course?

Select the course you want to complete (Course 1, 2, 3 or 4). Ensure that the course is the one you need to complete. On the Overview tab of the course (not Curriculum or Instructor), scroll down to the bottom left, and select “ENROL”. Then go ahead to log in with your existing Facebook or Google accounts (very easy), or create a new login profile following the instructions. Click HERE, to see a video demonstration.

2. What are my login options?

There are multiple login options. Some allows you to use your existing social media (Google, Facebook, etc.) accounts. These options are very easy. Another option requires you to create a new user profile. Just follow the instructions on the screen. A 12-character password will be needed for this, should you choose this option.

3. Difficulty Opening the Quizzes or Logging into the Course?

If you have difficulty opening the quizzes or logging into the courses, WATCH THIS.

4. How do I edit the name on my certificate or obtain a new certificate?

To change your name on the certificate, just log back in to the Course, find your Profile there, and change the name. Then, download the certificate again. The updated name should be there.

5. How do I complete each course?

Once enrolled for any course, ensure that you take the lessons for all the modules of that course using one of the 3 stated options (video, offline PDF or online text). Mark each module as complete once the lessons are completed. The quizzes will then be opt to you for completion.

6. Must I complete all the modules once I enrol in a course?

No. The courses are very flexible, and can be completed at your own time and pace. Once you enrol in a course, you have a maximum of 30 days to complete that course, and your time starts counting down. You can do the much you can at any time and log out. On re-logging in, you will continue from where you stopped.

However, you have the option of completing all the modules and quizzes at one go. These can be done within 8 hours (at most) for any of the modules.

7. How do I monitor my progress?

Under the Curriculum tab of every course, you will see all the modules listed. Beside each is an indicator that tells you how much of that module you have completed.

8. What are my options for completing the modules?

There are 3 ways to complete the lessons/modules. All 3 options contain identical information, and only one of the three can be used for the study. Option 1 allows you to take the lesson as a VIDEO PRESENTATION. Option 2 is a PDF preparation of the slides used in the video for Option, and allows you to download it read offline. This option can save you data.  You can then read the material offline, and then come back to complete the quizzes. Note that with this option, you need to mark each module as completed, in addition to completing the quizzes. To mark the modules as completed, open the CURRICULUM tab, and tick the boxes beside each module.

The final option is to read the LESSON TEXT ONLINE. This allows you to read all sections of the texts for each course, mark them completed as you go, and then go on to answer the associated quizzes.

Kindly note that, whichever option is chosen, all the quizzes must be attempted and passed before a certificate is obtained for the Course.

9. I have finished all the modules and quizzes, can see my certificate, but is not sure how to download them:

Once the requirements for each course is completed (which is completing all the modules and quizzes, and marking them as completed), the certificate or an option to download it will appear. Click the first icon (on the left, with an arrow pointing down). This is the download button. Once clicked, the certificate will be automatically downloaded to your device.

10. My answers are not being recorded, even though I answered them all:

Please use the “next” button to move to the next question when one is completed. Do not click on the question numbers.

11. My scores on the quizzes are marked lower than I expected, even though I got most of the questions correct:

Check the summary of your scores and see if there are “skipped” on unanswered questions. This happens if you move between the questions by clicking on the individual numbers. Please do not do this, as the system will not save the answers to the completed questions if you do so. Use the “NEXT” button to move over to the next question when you complete one.

12. I want to change my name (This may be necessary for those who want their current names to appear on their certificates):

Use the profile update to change the username to your main name. the correct name on the certificate should be updated without issues.

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