Revd. Marvin Oshiegbu (Trustee, OCI Foundation UK)

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Revd. Marvin Oshiegbu is an Entrepreneur and a Business Analyst. He is also the General Overseer and Board of Trustees Chairman of the Faith Temple Ministries, a Liverpool-based church and a registered charity in the United Kingdom. England.


He holds various qualifications from Nigerian and European universities, including a  Bachelor of Arts (BA), a Bachelor’s Degree in Data and Business Analytics, and a Master’s Degree in Theology.


On December 26, 2022, he forged a partnership with the OCI Foundation International, a non-governmental organisation that promotes health, education, and social welfare among underprivileged communities in multiple countries. That partnership ultimately led to the establishment of the OCI Foundation‘s formal presence in Europe as the  OCI Foundation UK. A video of the December 2022 meeting is included below.

Start of the OCI Foundation UK...


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