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Letter to the OCI Foundation, from the Government of Anambra State, Nigeria









Letter of Appreciation to the OCI Foundation, by the Government of Anambra State, Nigeria,


Prof. Kate Omenugha,
the Honourable   Commisioner for Education, Anambra State, Nigeria. 

Anambra is one of Nigeria’s 36 states, and is the epicenter of the OCI Foundation’s major activities.

“I am so happy because of his (Dr. Chris Ifediora) plans for the students. When I was told about this (the IFOMSSA) program, I said “wow, what kind of a human being is this”? This is exactly what we need in Anambra State (of Nigeria) since the Government alone cannot fund education. So, this is a welcome idea. We have so many intelligent students that are struggling to meet up, who have potentials in them. Other wealthy Ndi Anambra should come home and join Dr. Chris Ifediora in giving this scholarship”.


Lady Joy ULASI
Chairman, Post Primary Service Commission, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Speaking to the press during an interview on the 2017 IFOMSSA ceremony; May 2017


“This (health symposium initiative) is a very laudable program of the OCI Foundation. It is worthy of emulation   that a  Nigerian, from Nsugbe, living in Australia, can have a foundation back home to help in the  education of our children”.


Dr (Mrs) Chioma Ezeonyimulu
Executive Secretary, Anambra State Primary Health Care Development Agency, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Part of the speech given on behalf of the First Lady of Anambra State (Her Excellency, Chief Mrs Ebele Obiano), at the occasion of the OCI Foundation’s 2017 Health Symposium on Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention; September 28th, 2017. 


“For a very long time, that kind of encouraging thing has not been done in Anambra East Local Government Area (of Anambra State, Nigeria). People from that part of the State are taken as those in the “background”. Most students there do not go to school, and most of them are from poor backgrounds”.


Mrs Josephine Onuora
Executive Secretary, Post Primary Service Commission, Anambra State, Nigeria.
 Given as part of a speech to the press during an interview on the 2017 IFOMSSA ceremony; May, 2017

“It is a good thing from the Founder of the OCI Foundation, Dr. Chris Ifediora, who took it upon himself to extend this kind of gesture to citizens of Anambra East Local Government Area (of Anambra State, Nigeria), who are also citizens of Nigeria. I think that if all well-meaning citizens of Nigeria can emulate this kind of gesture, it will cure illiteracy”.


Barr. Onyechi Ononye
Legal Practitioner and Legal Adviser, OCI Foundation.
Speaking to the press during an interview on the 2017 IFOMSSA ceremony; May 2017.



“It is with immense gratitude that I write, first to appreciate the OCI Foundation Family for the privilege to be part of their recent recruitment exercise. I was highly impressed with the level of civility and courtesy showed   to us (the applicants during the exercise. It is not something you see all the time here in Nigeria. Please keep   it up. It goes a long way to show   the OCI Foundation as very responsible.
I also wish to seize the opportunity to appreciate the entire OCI Foundation Family for their wonderful works/programs of giving back to the society, touching lives and putting smiles on many faces. May God strengthen you (Dr. Chris Ifediora) so that you will never relent in this good work you started.
You (Dr. Chris Ifediora) have no idea how many generations’ stories you are re-writing, and how many generations’ destinies you are changing from glory to glory by this singular act of kindness of giving back to the society and the less privileged.
A priest of God I respect so much once said, and I quote: ‘give a poor man education and the future becomes very bright’. You are indeed making the future bright, not just for the ones you are helping or their immediate families, but to even their generations unborn, and the society at large. So it is indeed a very noble task.
I pray the good Lord to continue to replenish and ‘water’ the OCI Foundation Family for ‘watering’ the lives of these people. It is said that he who ’waters’ shall be ‘watered’. So keep RISING by doing the good you are doing.
I wish the Foundation the very best in her present and future endeavours”.


 Ms. Chinenye Becky 
Friend to the OCI Foundation, and formerly interested in the position of “Office Assistant” with the Foundation (Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria).
Appreciation text to the Founder of the OCI Foundation; 15th June, 2017.

Wise Onwuzulumba

The founder of OCI Foundation, Dr. Chris Ifediora, is a good man with human face! He is a man of wisdom, and indeed, his noble contributions to education, and of course, his giving out scholarships to brilliant scholars is a welcome development. This is a real demonstration of a Rescue Mission on the aspect of Education . . . not for egocentric aim, but for the good of the generality of his people.
With these scholarships, any brilliant scholar in Anambra State, and indeed, in Nigeria, can be able to attain his educational potentials and progress, and ultimately contribute his/her own quota in the development of Anambra State, and Nigeria. #GodsBlessingsAssured#


Wise Onwuzurumba Esq (Friend of the OCI Foundation)
Ifemba 1 of Ikwuano, Abia State, Nigeria.
(August 17th, 2018; Facebook message to the Foundation)

Ifediora, quite a laudable achievement you have made with OCI. Massive generational change and impact. It takes real gut and enormous commitment to do what you are doing. Well done brother. More grease to your elbow.

Keep up the good work.


Dr Tobenna C. Ezekwe  (Friend of the OCI Foundation)               

Emergency Department Physician

Albury, New South Wales, Australia

(October 20th, 2019; WhatsApp Message to the Foundation)

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