Full Details on the “Personal CDS Challenge (PCC)” for OCI Foundation’s Volunteer Corps Members (VCMs); June 2023

Full Details on the “Personal CDS Challenge (PCC)” for OCI Foundation’s Volunteer Corps Members (VCMs); June 2023

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Submit your entry once ready. You will be automatically included in the Trimester within which your entry was received. To Submit, Click HERE.

  1. Trimester 1: July 1 to October 31 (yearly).
  2. Trimester 2: November 1 to February 28/29 (yearly).
  3. Trimester 3: March 1 to June 30 (yearly).

To see all the entries and eventual winners from the First Edition (Trimester 1 of 2023/2024), click HERE.


The OCI Foundation remains pleased with the involvement of all  VOLUNTEER CORPS MEMBERS (VCMs) to the Arm Our Youths (ArOY) Anti-Cancer Health Campaign, particularly those committed to using it as their Personal or Group Community Development Service (CDS) projects. As we have always said, you have all become part of what is, arguably, one of the most important and most impactful health initiatives in Nigerian history.

Now, the OCI Foundation has developed a program that will help all VCMs have some fun while embarking on any CDS related to this project. There is also an opportunity to make some money and increase your social media visibility. Read on, to understand the newly-introduced OCI Foundation’s PERSONAL CDS CHALLENGE or PCC.

Excitingly, the 9th Nigerian National Assembly, NASS (MayY 29 2019 to May 29 2023)) successfully passed the OCI Foundation-sponsored Legislative Bill that will make this program a compulsory component of teachings in all senior secondary schools in Nigeria. It was transmitted to the Nigerian president for assent just a few days before the handover to the new Government.

The PCC for VCMs gives you all a chance at getting some financial benefits as you advance the anti-cancer fight in Nigeria. Potentially, a VCM can make as much N150K per annum in the package explained below, and this opportunity remains forever, even after one’s service year.

Kindly note that this contest should not cost anything to any participant, apart from the time committed to doing it. The OCI Foundation urges no one to spend no money on flyers (details on these are explained below) or on editing submitted video or picture contents.

See previous outings (not part of this contest) from VCMs serving in Kaduna and Anambra States.


(1) Participants must be Corps Members that volunteered for the OCI Foundation’s ArOY Health Campaign since it commenced with Batch Stream 1 of 2022. Those that have passed out are still eligible to submit entries, participate, and win.

(2) Participants must have gone through the OCI Foundation’s online training on breast and cervical cancers (Course 4) and must have the certificate for this training at holding their event (dates on the certificate will be used to verify this). Course 4 is available HERE. A guide to potential difficulties with this Course is available HERE.


(1) Conduct a breast and cervical cancer awareness talk in any area of your choice. This talk can be carried out in a variety of settings, including senior secondary schools, churches, mosques, markets, workplaces, village gatherings, local government facilities, and so on.

(2) Send a set of pictures (maximum of 5) PLUS one little video clip (less than one minute) of the event. It is best to capture yourself in the audience during a lecture. Please ensure that the camera captures you in the midst of the audience. Preferably, a clip of yourself introducing the program, mentioning the OCI Foundation, the Campaign, and the partnership with the NYSC to deliver anti-breast and anti-cervical talks to Nigerians, will suffice.

(3) The video and photographs may be taken with any mobile phone of decent camera quality. In other words, no special video recording or editing tool is required. Spend no money on these. Save your money. You should not be spending any money on this exercise at all.

(4) Multiple events from one participant or group can be accepted during a round of contest, but all such events submitted within a particular round will count as one entry for that participant. See section 4 of 8, number 5 below, for a description of single or group participants. This option exists if a participant wants to boost his/her chances, and wishes to use multiple events to cover these (like the total number in the audience, or with technical aspects of the entry that needs to be strengthened across multiple events). See Section 5 of 8, numbers 3B, 3c, and 3d below, for the technical parts being referred to.


(1) Every participant should have flyers, which serve as talking points. These are freely available for download via the online Course 4. You can also ask us for this, if not able to access it.

(2) There are 2 flyers. To download and print them, CLICK HERE: Final Printable OCI Flyer Breast and Cervix . Use these as guides for your talks and interactions with your audience. Copies are attached below as well.

(3) Copies of these two flyers are also available on the CerviBreast App. Do not print copies for your audience, as we do not want you to incur costs. Just advise them to download the App, and access the materials there.

(4) Winners will be chosen 3 times a year (see Section 5 of 8 below for the winning criteria). You must hold your talk and submit the contents at any time within the period leading up to the deadline for each particular contest. All entries for a particular period must be within that period. Old contents cannot be reused.

(5) Entries can be from Individuals (from single corps members) or Groups (from groups of corps members). This should be indicated during submission, for groups, the lead participant MUST (a) have the ArOY Certificate in his/her name (b) wear the OCI-Foundation branded shirt, and (c) deliver the talk, as evidenced in the submitted video.


(1) Each entry will garner points, up to a maximum of 100%.

(2) The OCI Foundation determines only 50% of the points, while the remaining 50% comes from the VCMs efforts via a Social Media (Facebook) VLS (View, Like, Subscribe) contest.

(3) The 50% from the OCI Foundation is determined as follows:

                   (a) Authentic ArOY Training Certificate (Course 4 or Course 3) = 20%. To complete this   Course now, Click HERE: https://ocifoundation.org/courses/course-4-volunteer-corps-members-training-on-the-aroy-health-campaign-nysc/. A guide to potential difficulties with this Course is available HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ykc8oI6XeYE.

                  (b) Speaker wearing an OCI Foundation-branded t-shirt during the talk = 10%. Those who do not have T-shirts should contact us. We will do our best to make them available (subject to availability), or help them produce locally where they are.

                  (c) Pictures = 10%. The pictures should have the OCI Foundation’s name visible in half of the picture-submissions, and should have the speaker(s) amidst the audience in most of the pictures as well. Audience with less than 50, 50 to 100, or over 100, contributes to the score as well. The larger the audience, the higher the chance of a higher score in this category.

                 (d) Video = 10%. The video should be taken with the speaker actively speaking amidst the audience. The content may vary, those showing where the speaker is introducing the program, mentioning the OCI Foundation, the ArOY Campaign, and the partnership with the NYSC to deliver anti-breast and anti-cervical talks to Nigerians, will suffice. Those where the audience is reciting “We Rise By Lifting Others” get more points as well.


(4) The remaining 50% of the score comes from the SOCIAL MEDIA VLSS Score. The OCI Foundation team will upload each submission as a video (combining the pictures and clip) to the OCI Foundation’s TikTok Page. After a 7-day period, entries will be ranked according to the combined Views, Likes, Shares, and Subscriptions (VLS) scores. The percentage of that entry’s score with respect to the overall scores from all entries (weighed to 50%) determines the VLSS score.

(5) Only the Top 3 entries (based on the final scores) will be rewarded in each round of the contest.

(6) There will be three rounds of contests every 12-month period, provided there are a minimum of up to 5 entries/participants in each round. If there are fewer than 5 entries/participants in a round, the contest cannot be held for that round. All participants who sent in entries for that round will be compensated, though. One round will be held every four months.

(7) As stated, winners are allowed to compete again and again, even after they have finished their service year.


(1) First Prize: N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira)

(2) Second Prize: N30,000 (Thirty Thousand Naira)

(3) Third Prize: N20,000 (Twenty Thousand Naira)

In reality, one person can win up to 150k in a year, if he/she wins all 3 rounds.

7 of 8: WHAT NEXT?

By July 1, 2023, the OCI Foundation will set the dates for the contests, after resolving all feedback received in the link above. For now, obtain your Certificate for the ArOY Health Campaign. Go to Course 4, HERE.

8 of 8: FEEDBACK
  • User Avatar
    Onomuodeke Clement
    Posted at 23:47h, 10 June Reply

    This is a welcome development. However, I suggest during post camp, OCI Foundation should be taken to some communities where it has not been recognized as a CDS group.

    • Admin, OCI Foundation
      Posted at 08:42h, 11 June Reply

      Your point is duly noted, and will be taken on board by our team.

  • Takkani Bunigu Solomon
    Posted at 00:48h, 26 August Reply

    I like this lecture I really appreciate and benifet

  • Pemu Perpetual28
    Posted at 19:45h, 07 October Reply

    Is a great effort more open doors to come in Jesus Christ name Amen

  • User Avatar
    Ojeleye Jeremiah Kayode
    Posted at 03:07h, 14 October Reply

    GOOD! More Grace

  • Daniel Lohpon
    Posted at 13:03h, 09 November Reply

    This program helps us to know how to guide ourselves from affected by Cancer

  • Kabiru Ali usaini
    Posted at 22:59h, 17 February Reply

    This program helps us to know how to guide ourselves from affected by Cancer

  • Ahangba Aondohemba Godwin
    Posted at 19:09h, 11 March Reply

    God bless OCI for lifting people

  • Sulaiman Sani Idris
    Posted at 00:33h, 10 April Reply

    I want to participate

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