Interview: Dr. Ifediora on Live Radio interview

Interview: Dr. Ifediora on Live Radio interview

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Please listen to the OCI Foundation’s Founder doing what he knows and does best.

On Wednesday, June 14th 2017, the OCI Foundation’s Founder, Dr. Chris Ifediora was interviewed on Live Radio by the popular Australian radio presenter, Wendy Harmer of the ABC Radio Sydney’s Mornings program.

Dr. Chris Ifediora, as part of a team of researchers from the Griffith University Medical School (Gold Coast, Australia), found that the after-hours home visit medical services lowers emergency department presentations in Australian hospitals.  This study was published by the prestigious international journal, Family Practice, and can be found by clicking here.

Dr. Ifediora’s study, which might have significant implications on Australian Government’s review of after-hours medical services, was popularized after it was reported in the online news outlet,  “The Coversation” on June 9th 2017. The story can be found here.

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