The “OCI CerviBreast” Mobile Phone Application: freely available for Apple and Android devices.

The “OCI CerviBreast” Mobile Phone Application: freely available for Apple and Android devices.

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Key Points

  1. To download from the Apple (IOS) Store, click , or just type “Cervibreast” on the App Store;
  2. To download from the Android (Google) Play Store, click , or just type “Cervibreast” on the App Store;
  3. Designed to send personalized monthly reminders for the practice of BSEs. It allows female users to set these reminders using information about their menstrual cycles. This is about the only App in the world with this feature;
  4. Nigeria’s Nollywood stars are involved;
  5. The CerviBreast App became freely available on the Android Play Store  from early September 2019, and on the Apple Store from mid-May, 2020;
  6. The App is freely available to tens of millions of people across Nigeria and the world over;
  7. Flexible login as the creation of new login account is not compulsory. One can log in with an existing social media account (Facebook or Google);
  8. The App is for every adult Nigerian, not just for females in senior secondary (high) schools;
  9. The App contains videos of the step-by-step techniques in the correct practice Breast Self-examinations (BSE);
  10. OCI Sponsors and partners can chose to have their messages on the App, and reach millions through it.

The Foundation's President Promotes the App

Details of the “CerviBreast” Mobile Phone Application


The OCI Foundation is pleased to announce that the CerviBreast App, the innovative mobile phone application designed to support its Arm Our Youths Health Campaign, is now ready for free downloads on both the Android Play Store (from September 6th, 2019), and the Apple IOS Store (from May 13th, 2020).

This life-saving App contains information on breast and cervical cancer preventive measures.

Even though other similar Apps do send monthly reminders for women to conduct breast self-examinations (BSEs), the CerviBreast App is about the only one with inbuilt algorithm that will personalize the monthly reminders and link it up to a woman’s’ own monthly cycle! It was produced by seasoned Tech/IT experts in Australia.

Below are a few interfaces from the App.

An OCI Foundation-owned video was produced by established producers and movie stars in Nollywood (Nigeria’s own movie industry and the third biggest movie industry in the world), so as to give the teachings contained in the App a Nigerian Content. Among the stars featuring on the short video is the London-born Ebelle Okaro Onyiuke, a Nollywood veteran and well-respected actress, who has nearly half a million followers on her Instagram Page. Below are vidoes from the production.

The video was directed by Young-G Obi, a young, talented and vibrant movie editor, screen writer, director and actor who can be found through his Facebook and Instagram social media handles.  Some scenes for this video were shot in Asaba, Nigeria, on Monday, August the 5th, 2019, and below are a few images from the recording.

With the network already established by the OCI Foundation, it is expected that the App will be downloaded by millions of Nigerian men and women, as the ArOY Health Campaign begins to spread around the Country.  We have networks with top Nollywood stars, the Anambra State Government of Nigeria, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria, the Griffith University, Australia, and the Harvard medical School, USA. In the months to come, we also expect to have a Nigerian national reach, with support from the highest levels of Nigerian Government expected in due course.

And yes, there are partnership opportunities. The App has multiple provisions for goodwill messages from potential sponsors and partners. With the wide reach of the App, your business can reach millions of Nigerians monthly.

Contact the OCI Foundation right now to discuss the opportunities, and how you or your company can be part of this life-changing, once-in-a-generation health innovation. Reach us HERE. You can also follow the Foundation on FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE.

Message on the "OCI CerviBreast App", from Teenage Male Face of the ArOY Campaign.

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