SKILLS ACQUISITION: Nsugbe indigenes benefit from the OCI Foundation’s first “Empowerment” program in Anambra State, Nigeria (30/01/2021)

SKILLS ACQUISITION: Nsugbe indigenes benefit from the OCI Foundation’s first “Empowerment” program in Anambra State, Nigeria (30/01/2021)

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It was another promise fulfilled, as the OCI Foundation finally commences a regular program for its third category of activities, called the DIRECT EMPOWERMENT or PUBLIC WELFARE activity. Six young girls from various the town of Nsugbe (hometown of the OCI Foundation’s Founder), in Anambra State of Nigeria, became the first beneficiaries under this scheme.

All the beneficiaries commenced this program with the consent of their parents, and each was accompanied to the commencement event by at least one parent. The empowerment program covers all their training costs and tuition, their learning dummies, and transportation allowances.

Commencement Speech from Program Director, and Testimonials from different parents.

It should be noted that the DIRECT EMPOWERMENT/PUBLIC WELFARE portfolio forms one of the three legs of the ACTIVITY TRIPOD of programs being delivered by the OCI Foundation, an international (Nigerian-Australian) charity organisation. The other two legs of the tripod are on HEALTH (which has the Arm Our Youths Health Campaign as the signature project) and EDUCATION (with six different categories of annual scholarships on offer).

Even though there have been a number of random activities on DIRECT EMPOWERMENT since the OCI Foundation was formed in 2016 (charity visits, masks production, one-off aids, and so on), the current program marks the very first activity that will be executed on a regular, annual basis, starting from this year, 2021.

Testimonials from the different beneficiaries, PLUS financial support on Day one.

Practical session with dummies at the OCI Foundation's 2021 Skills Acquisition Program.

The EMPOWERMENT or PUBLIC/SOCIAL WELFARE program of the Foundation is primarily designed to benefit less privileged but talented or keen-to-learn individuals that are not in formal education activities, and aims to empower them with skills that will guarantee economic independence.  As stated in the Foundations “Our Work” page, this program portfolio, among other things, aims to “empower and mobilise the youths and other targeted groups with the aim of achieving economic independence through feasible, cost-effective and sustainable means”.

The OCI Foundation’s DIRECT EMPOWERMENT program (including this hair dressing training activity) is being overseen by Mrs Anthonia Ngozi CHIGBATA (Head) and Mr Chinonso NWACHUKWU (Assistant). Both are also indigenes of Nsugbe, and were on ground for the commencement of the maiden program, which is being administered by the “CHIZZY BEAUTY SALON”, within the premises of the NWAFOR ORIZU COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (NOCEN), Nsugbe, Nigeria.

Testimonials from Parents, the Hair-dressing Facilitator, and the Program Assistant.

The OCI Foundation congratulates this cohort of skilled acquisition youngsters, and look forward to your graduation soon.

As have always been our aim from outset, we have something for everyone, including the educated and the uneducated, the young and the old, males and females, as well as all Nigerians, irrespective of their tribes or religious, cultural and political affiliations.

We rise, by lifting others . . . .

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