The OCI Foundation’s “LAMS Social Media Challenge 2022”: Instructions for Entry, Aims and Benefits (1/11/2022)

The OCI Foundation’s “LAMS Social Media Challenge 2022”: Instructions for Entry, Aims and Benefits (1/11/2022)

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If you are in the Top 10 of the 2022 Literary Award for Medical Students (LAMS) Essay Competition, you have a chance to promote your entry through a 0ne-minute video, and get some visibility across Nigeria and beyond. You also stand a chance at winning some extra cash.


Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Summarise your entry. The concluding parts of your essay application should be ok. Ensure that you include the essay title in your summary.
  2. Have yourself recorded in a video as you read this summary. A clear video, in a well-lit environment, should be ok. Appear as a typical medical student, with a stethoscope around your neck.
  3. Make your presentation captivating and engaging.
  4. Forward the raw video to both the ASF Director (Aisha) and to the OCI Foundation’s official WhatsApp line (0909 937 5689).
  5. You do not need to include any tags, and no editing is needed. Just ensure that the video is clear, and your voice audible.
  6. The OCI Foundation will create unique links for all entries, and share them back will all 10 participants. The OCI Foundation will also promote each entry in all its social media handles (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn).
  7. Each contestant will need to promote his link as much as he likes, and through whatever means he/she deems fit.
  8. Totals for the video “views” and “likes” will be used to judge each entry.
  9. Entries with the most views and likes (combined) will be ranked from 1 to 10.
  10. The best 5 entries, based on the criteria on Number 9, will win NGN10,000 (ten thousand naira) each.
  11. With this notice, submissions are now open. All entries need to be received before midnight of Sunday, November 6, 2022.

The aims of this contest are multiple:

  1. It gives the 10 winners an opportunity to showcase their work to a national and international audience.
  2. It helps the winners, who have all shown dexterity in writing, also improve their verbal communication skills. Optimising one’s communication skills is the ultimate aim of LAMS.’
  3. The contest also helps create awareness for LAMS among all medical students in Nigeria.
  4. The contest will also help popularise the anti-Cancer Bill that is currently with the Nigerian National Assembly, and draw the attention of Nigerians to the life-saving initiative. These will ultimately improve buy-in to the project across the country, and help save lives.
  5. It also allows the 10 winners to promote themselves, while making a little cash.
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