DMS, the Inspirational Book by Caverra World CEO and OCI Foundation Lagos Champion, Set for Launch on May 14, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria

DMS, the Inspirational Book by Caverra World CEO and OCI Foundation Lagos Champion, Set for Launch on May 14, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria

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The inspirational teens’ book, Discover, Maximize, Soar (DMS) is finally set to hit book stands, as it has been set to be launched on Sunday, May 14, 2023. This will be at the Rockview Hotel, FESTAC Town, Lagos, Nigeria.

The book is authored by Mrs. Roseline Anijekwu, the Founder and Convener of Caverra World, a registered not-for-profit organization that coaches, inspires, motivates, and positively orientates teenagers toward greatness.

Mrs Anijekwu is also the OCI Foundation’s Champion for Lagos. The DMS aligns very well with the Foundation’s third aim, which is to Advance Public and Social Welfare. It is designed to help young ones discover their true selves, maximize their potentials, and soar to greater heights.

The OCI Foundation fully endorses and supports the DMS, with its President, Dr Chris Ifediora, set to be the Chief Launcher of the book on May 14th.

Statement by the Author, Mrs Roseline Anijekwu:

Only a person who is on a journey of self-discovery   becomes more aware of their trueself, more aware of who they are, and what they want. If a person does not identify who they are or what they want in life, it becomes more difficult to set life’s goal,  let alone achieving their set goals.

To know your values, you have to discover self ,this helps your personal vision to become clearer and unambiguous, and this increases the potential of maximizing and achieving those visions.

When a person Discovers their true self, it would help them in no mean way to understand their  thoughts,  feeling,  and goals on a deeper level. To  create  a  life that is fulfilling, passionate is not an accident,  It is an intentional act that starts by Discovering Your Trueself.

Purpose and passion are interconnected, so it takes a person who discovers his or her trueself to maximize purpose and soar. You only truly live when you discover your true self, maximize your potentials and soar higher. Anything short of that is an unproductive life.

Many watch their life’s dreams die without fulfilling their life purpose. Suffice to say that the greatest hindrance to being all one  could be is in not discovering who they truly are .

The young stage is that stage of rapid development, a time of great change and challenges where strengths are revealed, weaknesses are made up for. At this stage , they are expected to uncover what comes to them   naturally and what  takes greater efforts to accomplish.  They are expected to discover their true personality for them  to be able to maximize their potential and soar. This  is the right stage to take some chances, push  boundaries, and stretch limits in order to discover, maximize, and soar .

The young ones will experience breakthrough if guided right to craft a detailed personal vision that would help guide them through the stages of life. This book will help  ignite a sense of direction and a clearer vision as they learn the realities of  adulthood. It is also  designed to help them  appreciate both strengths and vulnerabilities as they grow,  mature, and age.

And to create  a Unique plan that will make them more committed to strive and prevent some of the infractions that are prone to arise in each period of life stages, which will help them  to be prepared to take full responsibilities that would propel them to maximize their potentials and soar. Quality life begins the moment one Discovers their true-self.

The book stands as a  tool to predispose them to make the right and healthy choices, correct,   educate, inspire, motivate,  with self examining questions  after some  chapter that will help them to fan out the  inherent strength embedded in them to engage in more positive activities. The book cuts across. It is a  premium guide and  is for everyone.

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