Press Release: Winners of the 2018 IFOMSSA Awards

Press Release: Winners of the 2018 IFOMSSA Awards

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The OCI Foundation is pleased to announce the 22 winners of the 2018 IFOMSSA Junior and Senior Awards.

This year, the Foundation ensured that all six towns from Anambra East Local Government Area (L.G.A.) of Anambra State, Nigeria, were represented in the IFOMSSA Senior winners’ list. This was done to ensure that students from all six towns in the L.G.A. were equally motivated, and necessitated that we had to expand the “Catchment List” to include the towns whose indigenes did not make the “Merit List”. Nsugbe Town maintained her 30% quota (of the original 10).

Therefore, the Senior List has 12, not 10 names for the 2018 IFOMSSA Senior Winners.

The IFOMSSA Junior list, as has been the tradition, are made of students of Nsugbe origin. 


For details of the the selection criteria, please click HERE.

The Award Presentation will be held on Tuesday, March the 28th, 2018. For details of this, please click HERE.

We say a big CONGRATULATION to all the 2018 IFOMSSA Award winners. The Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarships await those of you that will progress to tertiary studies.

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