Resumption of the 2020 Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship Round: Document submission ends on March 17th, 2021 (4 weeks’ time)

Resumption of the 2020 Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship Round: Document submission ends on March 17th, 2021 (4 weeks’ time)

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Following the resumption of academic activities in all tertiary institutions across Nigeria, the OCI Foundation is pleased to announce that its “2020 Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship (CUS) Round“, will now be completed.

It should be recalled that all activities were paused on April 28th, 2020, after the applications deadline ended two days prior, and the lock-downs and school closures from COVID-19 meant that most applicants could not submit their supporting documents.

As was stated in the OCI Foundation’s release at the time (available HERE), it was agreed that all applicants would be given a 4-week time period to submit all supporting documents once the process restarts, following which the eligible candidates will be shortlisted for interviews. The other part of the Cyfed Scholarships, called the Cyfed-Bradley Hope (CBH), Scholarship, was restarted in November 2020, and completed in December of the same year. This early restart was for reasons given HERE, and the winners of that scholarship can be found HERE.

Below is the list of applicants whose online applications were received for the “2020 Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship (CUS) Round“. Please check the “Remarks Column” to see if any of supporting documents are outstanding. Also see the “Notes” further down this page, so as to know what further actions to one needs to take.


  1. This is not a short list to the scholarship interview. The lists above includes all valid online applications received before the COVID-19 lockdowns forced a pause to the 2020 application process;
  2. All those that completed the online application, and are from the Otuocha Educational Zone of Anambra State (particularly Anambra East LGA), are included in the list. Those outside of this Zone are excluded from the list above, as they are not eligible for this scholarship. They might, however, be eligible for the next round of the Cyfed Bradley Hope Scholarship. See HERE for details;
  3. On the “Remarks” column to the far right of the Tables, those with red remarks of “None submitted” or “Incomplete” still have outstanding submissions to make;
  4. For the documents to submit, follow this link:;
  5. The deadline for submissions of all outstanding documents will be exactly 4 weeks from the release of this notice, which will be at 23:59 hours on Wednesday, the 17th day of March, 2021;
  6. The final shortlist of those that will attend the scholarship interviews will be made within 2 weeks after the deadline of March 17th, 2021. Again, the above list is not a shortlist for interviews, but a mere acknowledgement of received valid applications, and a call to submit outstanding documents;
  7. Please, send all supporting documents or enquiries to: [email protected];
  8. Only applicants that have submitted all required supporting documents will be considered for an interview shortlist.

We look forward to a speedy conclusion of this Scholarship Round, and aim to achieve this by April the 26th, 2021.

It should be recalled that the 2021 Cyfed Scholarship Round was cancelled. Details and reasons for that cancellation can be found HERE. The next applications will commence on April 22, 2022.

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