Interview Shortlists: OCI Foundation’s 2024 Cyfed Undergraduate (CUS) and Cyfed Bradley Hope (CBH) Scholarships (06/07/2024)

Interview Shortlists: OCI Foundation’s 2024 Cyfed Undergraduate (CUS) and Cyfed Bradley Hope (CBH) Scholarships (06/07/2024)

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Following the closure of online applications on April 26, 2024, the OCI Foundation is pleased to announce that the following applicants for both the 2024 Cyfed-Bradley Hope (CBH) Scholarship and the 2024 Cyfed Undergraduate Scholarship (CUS)  have successfully progressed to Round 2, which is the Interview Phase.

Interviews will be held over the weekends of  July 13th ( for all CUS Interviews) and 14th (for all CBH Interviews), 2024.  The times will be between 8 am and 11 am each day.

All shortlisted applicants will get emails and/or text messages within 48 hours of this official release. Please check your Spam/Junk inbox if the email is not seen.

Links to the Zoom Meetings will be sent to the respective emails within 48 hours of this release. As always, check your Spam or junk inbox if you do not see the email.

With the received link, all shortlisted applicants should immediately select their preferred interview time within the hours specified for their days. They should also endeavour to join the Zoom chatroom at least 5 minutes before their designated time.

Inquiries should be directed to [email protected] or +2349099375689 or +2348038327701.


  1. The OCI Foundation received nearly 700 applications across all four categories (CUS Initial, CUS Renewal, CBH Initial and CBH Renewal).


  1. To ensure fairness, the OCI Foundation’s Scholarship Board reviewed every submission. Judging by the supporting results and family essays received, most of the applications were of very high quality.


  1. Unfortunately, the scholarship slots on offer from the OCI Foundation are limited. Therefore, not all who submissions who merit the scholarships can be shortlisted. The Foundation will do its best, however, to provide compensation where necessary.


  1. Even though all four categories of the CYFED SCHOLARSHIPS are reserved for indigenes of Anambra State in Nigeria, the high number of deserving submissions received from outside the State has made the OCI Foundation create an additional category, which will allow us to accommodate one or two scholars that are non-indigenes of Anambra.


  1. Winners in this new “Non-Anambra Indigenes” category can come from any part of Nigeria and will enjoy the full benefits available to those in the other four categories. This category will be available every year henceforth.


  1. It should be noted that the OCI Foundation has now increased the scholarship amounts attached to the CUS (from NGN 70,000 to NGN 100,000 per annum), bringing them to par with the amounts available to CBH winners.

List 1 of 2: CUS Scholarship Interview Shortlist 2024

List 2 of 2: CBH Scholarship Interview Shortlist 2024

It should be noted that the CUS and CBH Scholarshios are two of the six scholarship schemes of the OCI Foundation. The CUS has been awarded annually since 2017 (now in its 7th Edition) while the CBH has been awarded since 2021 (now in its 4th Edition).

The CBH scholarship was created in hononur of the late Bradley Hope, an Australian teenager whose family, the Hope Family, has partnered with the OCI Foundation since 2021 to lift the lives of Nigerian youths. Details of of the CBH, including the live sand times of Bradley Hope, can be found HERE.

There has been more than a dozen graduates of tertiary institutions from this program. Details of some of the graduates and their testimonials (videos and texts) can be found HERE.

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