Nsugbe Youths Empowerment (Pics/Video): OCI Foundation involves the Church and Initiates Tutorial Lessons (6/11/22)

Nsugbe Youths Empowerment (Pics/Video): OCI Foundation involves the Church and Initiates Tutorial Lessons (6/11/22)

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As part of the OCI Foundation’s efforts to further expand her activities in the home town of its President and Founder (Dr Chris Ifediora), the Empowerment Team, led by the Foundation’s Director of Empowerment Activities, Mrs Anthonia Chigbata, has initiated a number of activities.

Firstly, on Sunday, November 6, 2022, Mrs Chigbata led a team to enlighten indigenes of the town at the local Catholic Church in Nsugbe, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Mrs Chigbata Addresses the Nsugbe Church.

Thereafter, on Monday, November 7, 2022, Mrs Chigbata, accompanied by Mr Chinonso Maku and Mr Jude Obiezeazu, commissioned extramural lessons for Nsugbe indigenes preparing for the 2023 Universities Matriculation Examinations (UME or JAMB).

Mr Obiezeazu, a seasoned teacher, will assist in preparing these interested Nsugbe youths.  Most of the candidates from undergoing these lessons  will be enrolled for the UME exam in 2023, as part of the Foundation’s JAMB Awards, one of its six sets of scholarships.

Mr Onyibor John Machie, Miss Chizoba UGORJI and Miss Nzube OGBUAGU, are all part of this Empowerment Team.

The OCI Foundation is providing all the logistics support required for these lessons.

It should be noted that the DIRECT EMPOWERMENT/PUBLIC WELFARE portfolio forms one of the three legs of the ACTIVITY TRIPOD of programs being delivered by the OCI Foundation, an international (Nigerian-Australian) charity organisation. The other two legs of the tripod are on HEALTH (which has the Arm Our Youths Health Campaign as the signature project) and EDUCATION (with six different categories of annual scholarships on offer).

The EMPOWERMENT or PUBLIC/SOCIAL WELFARE program of the Foundation is primarily designed to benefit less privileged but talented or keen-to-learn individuals that are not in formal education activities, and aims to empower them with skills that will guarantee economic independence.  As stated in the Foundations “Our Work” page, this program portfolio, among other things, aims to “empower and mobilise the youths and other targeted groups with the aim of achieving economic independence through feasible, cost-effective and sustainable means”.

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